Our Story

36 years of  making Mead

Pierre comes from a rural background in South East France, where subsistence farming was the rule.

Certain family traditions are hard to give up.

Subsistence farming in Provence or in Brittany means self-reliance in food production and of one’s drinks in quality and abundance.

Wine in Provence where Pierre grew up and mead in Brittany where his mother came from.

Attended Meymac Forestry School, worked in forestry in France, the pastoral industry in Nevada and North Queensland.

Glenice spent many years in healthcare and has always been very aware of what preservatives and chemicals can do to one's body. These beliefs extend to how 2 Wild Souls conduct their business.

In 1982 Pierre, Glenice and family settled on their property running cattle and Arabian horses.

Good stands of native timber producing an abundance of honey on the property were of interest to the local apiarist who offered buckets of honey to maintain the ownership and access to their bee sites.

The mead making started as a personal hobby many years ago, finding a use for an abundant local raw product, to craft a unique and high-quality beverage in keeping with the family traditions.

Cellar Door

Our Cellar Door is open to the public  by appointment only. Please contact us for an appointment to make sure we can give you our full attention.

We also follow strict COVID Rules.