6 or 12 bottles, delivered Australia wide.

Our Sparkling Mead

30th Jan 2019

From our little nook in the NSW hill country between Tenterfield and Glen Innes, we bring you sparkling honey mead.

We invite you to expect the unexpected. Our bottles of mead will delight you, and completely change your perception of mead forever. Why? Because when a Frenchman comes to celtic country and wants to make mead, he will present you with a delightfully finished, fully natural, distinctively flavoured, sparkling drink – just a little like champagne! Each bottle of our hand-made, sparkling mead contains the distinct aroma of a specific blossom on a tree found on our property. No two batches will be completely alike because we do not use chemical additives.

Perhaps you are familiar with the Methode Champenoise? It is when the term Ancestral is added to this process that you have a fermentation like no other. This natural fermentation process, dating back to the 1500s, creates a finished sparkling mead that retains all natural properties (in our case) of the honey blossom it was created from—not a flavouring, but the actual nectar that bees collected on our farm.

Our Sparkling Mead:

  • Contains no artificial additives at any stage of the fermentation process.
  • Varies with each seasonal change and in keeping with the specific traits of the honey.
  • Can come in all types of shapes just like wine made from grapes.
  • We do not carbonate, it is a natural process, and takes up to two years to finish.
  • Will contain some sedimentation, due to the fact that we never disgorge the bottles.
  • The carbon dioxide in our bottles occurs naturally as the Ancestral method creates the sparkle.
  • Each bottle is a labour of love, crafted by hand and created for your enjoyment.

2 Wild Souls creates sparkling honey mead. It is made to be sparkling. It can be full-bodied, or light and crisp. It makes a refreshing treat at the end of a hot day, well-chilled, and pairs exceptionally well with any meal.

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We are certain you will be hooked from the first taste.