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Sparkling Mead

2 Wild Souls produces naturally sparkling varietal mead, made from honey and water via fermentation with yeast.

According to the differences between honey and the fermentation process the character of the mead changes. It may be still or sparkling, it may be dry, semi-sweet or sweet.

Mead is the oldest alcoholic drink known to man. Archaeological evidence suggests the first meads may have been enjoyed around 9,000 years ago in Northern China. Many cultures across Europe, Africa and Asia have all made wines from fermented honey.

Our mead is made from raw honey in a chemical free environment, no additives, preservatives, colouring etc… is ever added. Our spring water is regularly tested for purity and has never failed.

The honey we use is varietal honey harvested by our local apiarist when a particular species of timber is flowering and generally occurs in a cycle spanning 2 or 3 years.

The bees will harvest small quantities of nectar from other plants as well. Imparting a particular floral character to the honey from year to year, creating a vintage effect.

We aim for a boutique production of a handcrafted product of high quality. Time is part of the investment in this labour of love 2 years in the making is a minimum to achieve the desired maturation.

The Méthode Champenoise Ancestrale enables the preservation of the most subtle of floral  character in the mead, and the final fermentation on lees, without disgorging the bottles, although leaving a small amount of sediment allows for a continuation of the maturing process in the cellar. Due to the stability of honey our mead can be cellared for years.

2 Wild Souls range of meads all retain the specific floral character of their original blossom making for extremely versatile pairing with many cuisines.

Our Champagne-style of mead can be enjoyed with fine dining or at the family BBQ, perfect companion when entertaining with family and friends. Best served chilled, pour gently to the end and enjoy.

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