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A Tantalising taste for the connoisseur of fine drinks

​Our Sparkling mead is completely natural and we take great care to give you the very best. 

Honeybees collect nectar from flowering plants and transform it to Honey. Most honey in Australia is produced from the nectar of Eucalyptus trees.


There are approximately 900 Eucalyptus species, mostly native to Australia and clearly identifying them can be a challenge, even for botanists.


Different Eucalyptus species are sometimes known by the same English name in different regions of Australia and the naming of some of them has changed over the years.

The Bees..

Honey bees play an essential role in agriculture, not only producing honey and beeswax but also pollinating a vast number of food crops. Our bees suffered during the 2020 bushfires and the numbers dwindled. We proudly source our honey from our local beekeepers who are sustainably sourcing their honey.

Eucalyptus melliodora, commonly known as yellow box, honey box or yellow ironbark,Yellow Box is a medium size tree, but can also reach a height of sixty meters and a stem diameter of over two meters at the base. The bark of the tree is outside brownish-grey, inside yellowish and it covers the greater part and sometimes the entire stem of the tree. There is, however, great variation in the appearance of the trunk and also the branches of individual trees. In some specimens the rough bark covers only a meter or two of the stem near the ground, the rest being smooth, while other trees sometimes growing nearby have the entire stem and the branches covered with rough bark.


Messmate is related to Stringy but is a different tree, flowers 
around Christmas time where as Stringy Bark flowers in late Winter.
The Messmate will grow on granite ridges, where as Stringy Bark prefers 
deeper soils.


Mountain Gum – Eucalyptus globulus

This very tall tree species is found on margins of rainforests and in adjoining wet tall forests, where it grows to a height of more than 60m 

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