Our method

Method Champenoise Ancestrale

Perhaps you are familiar with the Methode Champenoise? It is when the term Ancestrale is added to this process that you have a fermentation like no other and this is how Pierre crafts our fine Sparkling Meads.

There are in fact many ways to produce a sparkling wine. One of the most famous methods is perhaps the Traditional method (or the Champagne method) when referring to Champagne.

Then there is our method, even older, the Ancestrale Method. This method dates back to 1531, and was created by the Benedictine monks of Saint-Hilaire, Languedoc.

So what is it?

For this method, the first fermentation is not completely finished when the mead is bottled. It follows the carbon dioxide's that are produced by the honey's natural sugars. 

Our Method  –Methode Champenoise Ancestrale– .

The complex sugars in the honey make the fermentation process a very slow one, rather than letting the yeast convert all the sugars of the honey into alcohol, then having to add a certain amount of unfermented brew at bottling time. Our method is to monitor the  specific gravity and bottle at the point where there is sufficient sugar left to continue the fermentation  in the bottle and produce the natural sparkle and not have to artificially carbonate to make the sparkle.

It is a slow process which takes up to 2 years to complete.


We leave the natural sediment in the bottle which continues fermenting and over all keeps improving over time, just like a good red wine. There will always be some cloudiness once poured into a glass.

Mixing of the unpasteurised honey which still has all the nutrients in it through to labelling is all done by hand.

 According to the differences between honeys the character of the mead changes.

2 Wild Souls' range of Meads all retain the specific floral character of their original blossom making for extremely versatile pairing with many cuisines.

Our Sparkling Mead:

  • Contains no artificial additives at any stage of the fermentation process.

  • Varies with each seasonal change and in keeping with the specific traits of the honey.

  • Can come in all types of flavour just like wine made from grapes.

  • We do not carbonate. It is a natural process, and takes up to two years to finish.

  • Will contain some sedimentation, due to the fact that we never disgorge the bottles.

  • The carbon dioxide in our bottles occurs naturally as the Ancestral method creates the sparkle.

  • Each bottle is a labour of love, crafted by hand and created for your enjoyment.