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Flash Drop Down Menu is a simple and fast Menu Animation which is perfect for beginners as well as for the advanced developers. This menu-animation Script is very easy to use and is able to show the same look to any website with very little hassle to installation. You can also view the script demo and get a better idea about the script. It includes source codes with functions and demo steps. This plugin is also useful to developers who want to add functionality to their projects. Among the most impressive things about this menu is that it can be used in any flash project and doesn't require any flash skills. It's features are: - Multi-language support - Many skins styles - Tested and fully working on Internet Explorer 7 - Full support for any html code and any frames - Easy user and admin interface - FlashVars support (optimization for SEO) - Clear examples - Optional jQuery animation effects - Easy Installation: Get The Plugin, Import Into Your Template And Loads In 5 Minutes - Tested in all major browsers (IE 6, IE 7, Firefox, Safari, Opera, Chrome,...) - No changes in your code - Easy customization Flash Drop Down Menu Features: * Multi-language support * Many skins styles * Many skins colors * Easy to use and customize * Optionally, add sounds to the menu * Optionally, add buttons to the menu * Optionally, add images to the menu * Optionally, support for auto scrolling to items * Optionally, support Ajax * Optionally, support Ajax * Customizable navigation settings in one XML file * Format:.xmx * Permits display of the entire navigation on one page * Allows adding only 1 extra menu navigation level * Ability to select the number of items in your menu * Optionally, use Google and/or Yahoo! search engine * Menu Items Flow: Left to Right, Right to Left, Top to Bottom, Bottom to Top * Easily customizable for your navigation * Optionally, autoscrolling functionality (optionally within the menu) * Optionally, autoscrolling functionality (optionally within the menu) * Optionally, manage multiple menus * Clicking on the menu item opens in a new window (also in the current tab) * Optionally, use different links for the menu items * Optionally, return to your menu after clicking on a link * Option a5204a7ec7

Flash Drop Down Menu is a great drop down menu to add on your web-site. Users will able to browse through your menu quickly and easy. It works with almost all major browsers including Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome, Opera. The menu is written completely in Flash and according to modern HTML standards (W3C). As a result, you can put your menu anywhere on the web. And you can use it on any web-site. It's very easy to install and configure. Flash Drop Down Menu has several well-designed examples: Flash Drop Down Menu Examples: (click on thumbnail to see the menu) These are just a few samples. But you can change every single parameter - line color, text color, size, font, font color, font size and much more - by means of easy-to-use Flash Drop Down Menu user interface. For more details and preview images please download the FREE DEMO version of Flash Drop Down Menu. Features of Flash Drop Down Menu: ■ Drop down menu where the second level is animated. ■ fast, clear and friendly menu navigation. ■ full support for multi-level menus. ■ change the color of the first level menu background. ■ you can connect the menu links with: ■ flash & javascript "onmouseover" method. ■ flash & javascript "onmouseout" method. ■ flash & javascript "onclick" method. ■... more method. ■ complete, total and flexible menu customization with the use of Flash Edit menu tool. ■ very easy customization of the Flash Menu Tool with the use of Flash Edit menus. ■ ability to add/remove menu items. ■ ability to change the size of the second level menu items. ■ is very friendly with search engines and valid HTML 4.01 Transitional. ■ very friendly with display of links. ■ very easy and fast for every web developers. ■ cross-browser compatibility. ■ ability to add your own mp3 sound files. ■ ability to link the "onmouseover" method with javascript events. ■ ability to link the "onmouseout" method with javascript events. ■ ability to link the "onclick" method with javascript events. ■

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