From our little nook in the NSW hill country between

Tenterfield and Glen Innes, we make our craft sparkling honey mead. The New England Table land is the home of our carefully

crafted Sparkling Mead and it relies entirely on the bees and the amount of honey we can acquire through our bee farmers.

Everything we do is sustainable and therefore our mead can change from one production to another and this also

includes the quantity we have from year to year.

This is why our Craft Mead has more nuanced flavours and change from one batch to another.

We produce quality rather than quantity and therefore, we invite you to talk to us about your purchases. 

This way we may help you in your selections and give you our full attention.


Crafted with love

Sparkling Mead


We invite you to expect the unexpected. Our bottles of mead will delight you, and completely change your perception of mead forever. Why? Because when a Frenchman comes to celtic country and wants to make mead, he will present you with a delightfully finished, fully natural, distinctively flavoured, sparkling drink – just a little like champagne! Each bottle of our hand-made, sparkling mead contains the distinct aroma of a specific blossom on a tree found on our or nearby property. No two batches will be completely alike because we do not use chemical additives.

Our Method

The complex sugars in the honey make the fermentation process a very slow one, rather than letting the yeast convert all the sugars of the honey into alcohol, then having to add a certain amount of unfermented brew at bottling time. Our method is to monitor the specific gravity and bottle at the point where there is sufficient sugar left to continue the fermentation in the bottle and produce the natural sparkle and not have to artificially carbonate to make the sparkle.

It is a slow process which takes up to 2 years to complete.

We leave the natural sediment in the bottle which continues fermenting and over all keeps improving over time, just like a good red wine. There will always be some cloudiness once poured into a glass.

Mixing of the unpasteurised honey which still has all the nutrients in it through to labelling is all done by hand.

According to the differences between honeys the character of the mead changes.

2 Wild Souls' range of Meads all retain the specific floral character of their original blossom making for extremely versatile pairing with many cuisines.

2Wild Souls Sparkling Mead

Our Range of Sparkling Mead

My partner and I saw a brochure for 2 Wild Souls at our Airbnb so decided to check them out on our way back home and boy were we impressed. Not only is there Mead 1st class and a total bargain it was delicious. The hosts Glenice and Pierre went above and beyond with a lovely cheese platter each and they even welcomed our little dogs to do the tasting with us which made life and enjoying the experience so much better knowing they weren't stuck outside. We ended up leaving with 10 bottles to share with friends and family and lots of knowledge about Mead too! Thank you for the unique experience and for treating us like friends.​

Jo Maddick

2Wild Souls Sparkling Mead